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Bioptron Light Therapy
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Bioptron Light Therapy

A Brief Explanation of VIP Light
Bioptron emits Visible Incoherent Polarized Light (VIP light) in the spectrum 480nm (nanometers) to 3200nm. This light does not contain UV (ultraviolet) rays, so there is no skin damage / tanning of any sort.

This VIP light stimulates healing in the area to which it is applied by causing Photo Modulation of the blood in the capillaries. Photo modulation of a very small amount of capillary blood (1-3% of the entire circulating blood), results in rapid modulatory and beneficial structural changes in the ENTIRE CIRCULATING BLOOD SYSTEM in the body. These characteristics remain in the blood for 24 hours or more. This means that the effect of the Bioptron light is systemic. In other words, treatment of a very small area of the skin (400 sq cm) will cause these beneficial effects to be transferred throughout the body.

Biological effects of the Bioptron Light:
- Activates and boosts immune system
- Activation of ATP production (ATP is an important storage and energy transfer mechanism
   in the human body)
- It gives a 300% faster healing time for wounds
- Increases oxygen saturation in hemoglobin, and oxygen tension in blood
- Improves permeability of blood vessels, which improves blood circulation
- it is excellent for stasis ulcers, occlusive arterial diseases, etc
- Improves cell metabolism
- Corrective effect on the autonomous nervous system
- Analgesic (pain relief) and anti-inflammatory action
- Decreases proliferation (growth) of certain virus transformed and malignant human cells
- Elimination of extra-cellular bacteria

When added to other modes of treatment, the Bioptron VIP exerts a "speeding up" influence on recovery and healing time.

The Bioptron Light Therapy device should not be confused with other devices such as Ultraviolet lamps, Infrared lamps, APS machines, etc. It works in a significantly different manner to these devices, hence its unique characteristics and medical / clinical implications.

A typical treatment session takes 8 minutes per area treated.

Frequency of Treatment: It can be done twice daily in acute conditions, less frequently for chronic conditions.

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