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Biopuncture is the new therapy of injecting natural medicines - like herbs and homeopathic products - into the appropriate points on the body. Biopuncture originated from combining the use of biotherapeutics [bio-] with acupuncture [-puncture]. That is how the name bio-puncture was created. It is becoming more popular among the top athletes in Europe and the USA.

Tiny injections may be given into acupuncture points; trigger points; painful points on the skin; into the muscles; or around joints. Most people are surprised at how quickly and easily these injections are given. These injections are not nearly as painful as normal injections, because the needle used is very thin, and the quantity injected is very small. Indeed, they look more like little pinpricks than injections.

Unlike conventional medicines (cortisone, anti-inflammatories or pain medication), Biopuncture does not suppress any symptoms. Suppressing the symptoms may take the pain away, but leaves the tissue weaker, because the healing process (inflammation) was cut short by the treatment. Biopuncture actually stimulates the proper healing process in the damaged or weakened tissue that caused the discomfort or pain. Therefore, the inflammatory (healing) symptoms (pain, redness, stiffness, warmth, loss of function) may first aggravate, but then the body uses the stimulus to heal and repair the damaged tissue properly. Once the symptoms disappear, the tissue is stronger than before, and re-injury is less likely.

Because this is a healing process, a patient may require a few treatments (usually done once or twice weekly) to reach the stage where full healing is achieved.

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