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Electro Interstitial Scan
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When you make a first appointment.

Please download these documents. Bring them with you on the day of your appointment, as this will free up more time to address the relevant issues.

- New Patient Form
- Medical History
- Stress Questionnaire
- Detoxification Questionnaire
Electro Interstitial Scan

The EIS System utilizes the bioelectrical impedance method to measure the interstitial fluid (space/membrane between the cells and blood) in the body. Measuring the interstitial fluid gives us information about the cellular activity of various organs and systems in the body.

Below is a list of some of the information gained by doing an EIS test:
- Shows the amount, and distribution of inflammation in the body.
- It calculates the acid-base status of the body.
- Provides information about biochemical, hormonal, and neurotransmitter levels.
- It measures the functional status of the internal organs, on a basis of 69 different parameters.
- It gives graphic representations of the conductivity of the interstitial fluid, which can be used
   to identify dysfunction in the particular organ systems.
- It shows cellular mitochondrial and enzymatic activity.
- Shows interstitial pH, interstitial O2, interstitial CO2, and ATP levels.
- It computes Body Mass Index values.
- It computes Body Composition values.
- It provides an organ system health risk analysis on five tiered levels.

This test is preferably performed on all new patients and repeated monthly, because it shows the baseline of health before treatment, and then tracks the positive impact of the treatments and patient’s lifestyle changes on their health.

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